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Why Should You Focus On Property Damage Estimating Before Filing A Claim?

Filing a damage claim after an accident, natural calamity, or unexpected event can be one of the worst things a homeowner can ever experience. Who would want to deal with all the nuisance of filing damage claims, not to mention the ordeal you will encounter after the damage?

The unfortunate and unforeseen situation that arises is why you should get home insurance in the first place. You pick an insurance company because of the trust you have in them in relation to your house and investments. Hence, during unexpected trouble, you need property damage estimating to find out the extent of the damage.

Now the question is, should you estimate the extent of damage to your house before you file a claim? The answer is No. It is the job of your insurance company to cover you for valid damages. Hence, let them do their job first before making a move on your own.

After An Accident Or Damage, Reach Out To Your Insurer ASAP!

Your insurer must be the first to learn about the damage or accident. In general, all insurance policy contracts demand you to report property damage claims right away. It rests on the insurance company as some accept the information over the phone, while some ask to inform about it online. In case of failure to report within the allotted time limit can possibly deny your claim.

You might believe that this is pretty hard to do, primarily if you have to vacate due to a fire or tornado, where protecting our lives, our loved ones, and possessions is the top priority.

However, if it is mentioned in your contract that you have to inform your insurance company about the damages, you should comply in the given timeframe. This is important as the process of property damage estimating will begin once you have already notified your insurer regarding the said damage.

Why Should You Get A Property Damage Estimate?

Knowing the estimated damage saves you from overpaying for improvements and repairs. Plus, those who're estimating will give you advice on your detailed situation. Without an estimate, property owners may face overcharging by the improvement or renovation firms.

It also educates property owners on whether they even need extensive repairs or minor ones. Without the correct estimate, it isn't easy to begin repairs before knowing how much it will cost. Moreover, without knowing the correct damage extent, you can't even take a property damage insurance claim.

The damage estimate provides situational awareness and critical information on:

● Sort, scope, and severity of the occurrence

● The impact on individuals and communities as well

● Other resource needs

● Reason for disaster declaration

● Emergency general details

● Prospective hazard mitigation schemes

Gathers estimates on:

● Number of individuals displaced and in need of accommodation

● Number of persons in shelters

● Number of individuals injured in the event

● Number of confirmed fatalities

● Number, the scope of structural loss, and monetary cost of private property damage

The Bottom Line!

When claiming your property damage insurance policy, you should focus if your property damage extent is estimated correctly. This is important since the property damage estimating process is vital in order to settle the claim rightly. You may not know the process thoroughly, so you must consider someone who can rightly do the estimation for you.

You can rest on JS Marlin & Associates in such a case. We excel at estimating property losses caused by storms, downpours, fires, robberies, sinkholes, collapses, and any other related events.

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